Oppose HB1565, an effort to open up Pennsylvania’s most pristine streams to pollution

Last updated: 9/24/2014

Dear Representative,

On behalf of PennEnvironment's citizen members, I am writing to ask you to oppose HB1565 when it comes up for final passage in the Pennsylvania state House. HB1565 is a short-sighted effort to weaken protections for Pennsylvania’s cleanest and most pristine streams.

Our clean streams are an integral part of Pennsylvania’s natural heritage. It’s where we go to hike and fish; our kids explore the stream banks and ride their bikes on adjacent trails; and they’re great places to get away from the stresses of every-day life. Our local streams make Pennsylvania a great place to live.

That’s why it’s so shocking to see state legislators on the verge of weakening protections for Pennsylvania’s cleanest and most pristine streams, by eroding protections for the buffer zones that protect them at the behest of big developers’ lobbyists.

HB1565 is being pushed by special interests that hope to put their short-term financial gain ahead of the long-term protection of Pennsylvania’s greatest natural resources. In essence, HB1565 would eliminate or dramatically modify certain stream buffer requirements for some of our most pristine waterways, leaving them vulnerable to pollution and threatening water quality across Pennsylvania. It is impossible to cast a vote for such a short-sighted proposal and attempt to say that one supports protecting and preserving Pennsylvania’s waterways—at the core they are opposing positions.

For these reasons, PennEnvironment calls upon members of the House to oppose HB1565 and to protect Pennsylvania’s streams, now and for future generations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email (DMasur@PennEnvironment.org) or by phone (215-732-5897 or 267-303-8292) with any questions about this legislation or other environmental issues. I look forward to continuing our work together to protect Pennsylvania's environment.


David Masur, Director
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 650
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-5897