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EASTON, Pa. -A state environmental advocacy group is calling on Harrisburg to help out sustainable agriculture.

PennEnviroment has released "Healthy Farms, Healthy Environment."

It's a report that heralds the benefits of local and organic farms.. along with farmers' markets -- like the Easton Farmers market.

The report says while Pennsylvania has helped local farms with programs like "Growing Greener" and "Path to Organic" the state can do more.

"Other states that provide financial incentives, tax credits to restaurants that buy locally, counties and municipalities that require their institutions, like prisons and nursing homes to purchase a certain amount of product from local farms and that's something I can see that we're very much lagging behind here," said Megan McBridge, manager of the Easton Farmers' Market.

Meantime the Easton Farmers Market says it has other projects in the works including a mobile farmers market for the West Ward and a year-round grocery co-op.