After 10 long days in a chrysalis, monarch butterflies break free, ready to spread their wings and take their first triumphant flight. But the world they fly into is increasingly toxic and unwelcoming.

A recent investigation uncovered a bombshell for our environment over at Amazon: The company is destroying millions of unused or returned products.

A last-minute amendment to a must-pass bill threatens the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with drilling and development.

Hundreds of concerned citizens showed up this June to tip the scales in favor of climate safeguards. 

The EPA just announced its plan to repeal and replace the “Dirty Water Rule” — a Trump administration policy that left the drinking water of millions of Americans at risk from polluters

When local communities want to reduce plastic pollution, they should be able to vote for and enforce rules to do so — but in Pennsylvania, that’s not the case. 

Using our Pennsylvania flip book to advocate for the environment

Bees of all kinds are facing a triple threat of pesticides, habitat loss and climate change. As we work to save them, let’s get to know them a little better.

After nearly a decade in court, one polluter is finally paying the price for dirtying Pennsylvania’s waterways. 

We can't same-day ship a new species.