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Our decades-long campaign to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not over

 | by Steve Blackledge
Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign

The Trump administration announced Monday that it will begin oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We've been working for decades to protect this 19 million acre wilderness, and we're not giving up now.

Tips for making the most of a backyard camping adventure.

 | by
Morgan Folger
Director, Clean Car Communities

Our cities and communities have been designed to give most of the space to cars and not to pedestrians.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Greener Together writing contest! We are pleased to announce the winners.

 | by
Johanna Neumann
Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 10), many of us are making plans to celebrate our moms. Here are 12 ideas that you can use celebrate both your mom and nature this Mother’s Day.